• Building & Accelerating S.E.A Entrepreneurs

  • What We Do

    We put first time entrepreneurs in the best possible position to succeed

    BASE Camp

    Do As You Learn

    Undergo our 12-week structured and action-oriented program that will take you through the various stages of your business, from developing your MVP to going to market


    Travel to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia and learn about other markets in the region as you prepare to scale



    Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

    We understand that access to funding is critical to your success at this stage


    If chosen, companies will receive S$50,000 in funding through our BASE fund


    The Secret Weapons For Successful Startups

    Gain an advantage over your competitors by building sustained relationships with our network of expert mentors who have successfully built and exited their own businesses


    Learn what it takes to be at the top of your game directly from those who are already at the top



  • BASE Camp

    Taking you to the Summit


    The EXPLORE stage enables nascent entrepreneurs to take flight. By the end of this stage, founders will have found their viable business model and tested their MVP to prove commercial value & market acceptance

    Classes & Workshops

    Broaden & deepen founder's knowledge on Innovation & Entrepreneurship through a blended learning approach

    Travel & Learn

    Travel to a neighbouring country to be exposed to their entrepreneurial scene, culture and possibly, find a technical team to work with

    Partner Events

    Be exposed & immersed in the local entrepreneurial scene through networking with ecosystem players

    Office Hours & Space

    Get started immediately by working from our flexible and conducive office spaces with access to our dedicated resident mentors around the clock


    The EXPLOIT stage is aimed at developing both the founders and their business further. To graduate from this program, founders should have developed a fully commercially viable solution that is ready to raise pre-seed/seed financing

    Advanced Training Programs

    Acquire the needed skills to run and scale a business

    Access to Expert Mentors Network

    Consult and work with our expert mentors & industry veterans to turn your MVP into a commercially viable solution

    Media & Exhibition Opportunities

    Exclusive pitching opportunities to the media & exhibit in local startup events


    Reach the summit as a successful company with a commercially viable solution & robust business model. But the journey does not stop here. Companies who prove themselves to be investable may get direct access to up to S$400,000 in seed funding from TRi5 .

  • Investment

    S$20,000 funding from BASE Fund with S$30,000 matching from the Startup Sg Founder Grant

  • Our Mentors

    Investor Mentors

    Christopher Quek

    Managing Partner - TRi5 Ventures

    18 years of experience in eCommerce, FinTech, Data Analytics & GTM in SEA



    Ko Tze Shen

    Venture Partner - TRi5 Ventures

    16 years of experience in Enterprise Solutions & Gaming

    Product Development Mentors

    Son Le Thanh

    Cognitive Solutions Engineer - IBM

    14 years of experience in AI & Data Science. Expert Competency in deep technology



    Jason Widjaja

    Associate Director, Global Data Science Competency - MSD

    20 years of experience in Data Science & Analytics. Data Scientist, Consultant & Angel Investor.


    Zhi Peng Lee

    Founder - 40Tasks

    7 years of experience in software architecture & technical product strategy. Expert competency in technical languages & product management

    Tushar Tejuja

    Founder - Hackertrail

    14 years of experience in software architecture. Consulting experiences with Goldman Sachs & KPMG. Senior management in various companies.

    Gaurang Torvekar

    A small tagline

    5 years of experience in Fintech & Blockchain. Expert competency in software & Data Science engineering.

    David Moskowitz

    Founder & CEO - Attores

    20 years of experience in blockchain, FinTech & BitCoin. FinTech expert & educator.

    Elvin Zhang

    Founder - Toucan

    7 years of experience in Payment Gateways & FinTech. Serial entrepreneur & FinTech expert.

    Kenneth Lou

    Founder - Seedly

    4 years of experience in FinTech & Robo-Advisory. Serial entrepreneur & FinTech expert.

  • FAQ

    Who are we looking for?


    • First time entrepreneurs
    • Completed idea validation
    • Team:
      • One CEO
      • One CTO
    • Objective:
      • To develop MVP
      • Go to market



    What is the application process


    Click on the Apply Now button on the top right hand corner for our application form.


    Submit the application by filling up the appropriate fields under the "startup grant" option and attaching your pitch deck.


    We will review your application within the week and revert to you to set up a meeting at our office.


    We take applications on a rolling basis.

    What verticals are we interested in?

    We are primarily looking at the verticals of CleanTech, IP Commercialisation, Data Science & Analytics, FinTech & FoodTech.


    If your company does not fall within any of these verticals, do still feel free to apply and we will review and revert to you.

    Will you sign an NDA?


    We do not sign NDAs. We receive so many plans each week that if we were to sign every NDA request, we would quickly be swamped with legal documents.


    Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work. We will take care to keep your materials confidential. If you are not agreeable, please do not contact us.